Friday, August 18, 2017


Unemployment is a rising problem of our country Nepal. About one-third of total population are under unemployment. Unemployment problem has been increasing day by day. Many people are forced to work overseas leaving their home country.

Nepal is a developing country, there lacks technical development and political stability. Major reason behind unemployment problem is limited jobs. People are graduated with qualifications, despite of their qualification they hardly get their jobs. Government job have limited seats.

Number of people are educated with general knowledge, they lacks scientific and technical knowledge. Courses in our country are theoretical rather than practical. Another reason for unemployment is people are engaged in agriculture. Being an agricultural country, people earns through producing paddy any others but people thinks it isn’t economical, which tends to unemployment.

Unemployment problem has led many youth to go overseas for earning. Many people are working as labor in overseas. Unemployment problem has forced people to theft, robbery and produced criminal activities. Youths are involved in drugs and illegal activities. Youth are jobless. There is no stability in politics. Government are changing without considering impact on citizen of our country.

Unemployment problem is burning problem in present situation. High population growth is another problem of unemployment. Rate of economic progress is low compared to developed countries which cites to unemployment. There is slow development of industries in our country.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Why do people prefer junk foods than homemade foods? Are people are growing lazy or time saving? Well, this modernization has ruined health of a people aging from small to old.

Junk food items are easy available and cheap. Junk foods are liked by every individual living in corner of the countries. Children of different age group prefer more junk items than homemade food items. It is true that junk foods are rich in taste and flavor. Despite of it, it contains harmful ingredients like monosodium etc. which directly or indirectly affects health of an individual.

Junk foods are rich in cholesterol, fat, sugar and many others. Junk foods provides a great taste but bad health. Having a junk food daily cause obesity, cholesterol disease, health problem, mental disorder and many other disease. We even may lose real taste of food. It is like a one kind of addiction. We hear many news of health problem from people but also people are not saying NO to junk food items. It is a reality that we ignore our health for a great taste. As we say that ‘HEALTH IS A WEALTH’. This looks great in phrase only.

People are misbehaving with their health by using these foods. Especially, we should not buy any junk items to small children. Junk foods are hazardous for health and wealth. It’s just of waste of money. We knowingly or unknowingly consume it daily. Whenever we are hungry we buy items like lays, cheese ball, noodles, burger, pizza and others from shop and grab it. We even don’t look back for health, we eat and eat.

This century is competitive in nature. People are busy in their works, jobs, career and they actually do not get time to prepare a food for them which results them to buy junk foods. How much you are busy, cook a delicious food for yourself and enjoy it. It will boost your stamina and mind. Keeps away from a doctor i.e. good health. So just say NO JUNK FOODS.

Saturday, July 22, 2017


First of all, what is marketing? Marketing is not only communicating to buyers about products but also satisfying them by exchanging value. The focus point in marketing is to satisfy customers and retaining them for long-term relationship.
 That is why it is a process of collecting information, designing product, managing physical flow from one point to another, informing buyer about product, stimulating demand, exchanging value, satisfying customers and retaining current customer to achieve long term goal. As marketing is also a social process which consists set of activities related to product, price, place and promotion designed and undertaken by marketers.

In present context, marketing is used as a world-wide tools to deal with products and goods. E-marketing is best alternatives used by this generation. Marketing is very important in these days. Marketing is important for organization, customers as well as society. It importance as follows:
·       Distribution of products
·       Information exchange
·       Increase public image
·       Management of demand and supply
·       Environmental adaptation
·       Increase living standard
·       Product selection facility
·       Economic development
·       Employment opportunities
·       Utilization of resources
·       Easy to plan and budget
·       Control environment pollution

The main fact that are to be considered by seller is to understand the behaviour of customers in the market. As market should be segmented into different parts to identify distinct groups of buyers or profiling customers group having similar needs, preferences and interest for distributing separate marketing mix.
These are some of importance of marketing. It has helped to identify the customer wants and desires. Let make marketing more easy and reliable in context of our country.  

Friday, July 14, 2017


One of the amazing and cheerful moment of life has been always remembered as School life. School life has been best period of entire life. Do you agree with that or not? School days has been somehow exciting as well as frightening. We carry a heavy bag with lot of books. Each book are covered with different name tag, request parents for different pencil bags and boxes. That morning assembly, different programs and participating in programs has made my school life outstanding.

Sometime getting afraid of teacher, if they would ask questions when we has not prepared. Class 9 and 10 has been one of the favorite, best and memorable class. Pressure for exams, buying solution books, SLC sets for practice was difficult during that period. Now when you see that books while teaching your little brothers and sisters, it seems very easy and solved fast. It makes you to laugh silently, isn’t it? All are focused for SLC exams and maintain their hard work to secure good marks at exam.

Respectful teachers, paaledai, aayadidi are missed. Canteen foods are delicious. Moments with friends, sharing a good as well as bad deed with best friends are always remembered. Cracking jokes, making fun of teachers, getting punishment by whole class are remarkable. When there is a gathering of schools friends and remembering that period makes fluent laugh and takes back to those days. Farewell program conducted to felicitate student has been epic during these days. Medals, flower garland and certificate has been decorated in wall of students.

I think school life is golden period of life. Hope everybody has enjoyed their school life.  

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Interesting subject Math’s

Math’s well known term as MATHEMATICS, an amazing subject where I am interested to solve the problems relating to Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry. Though it was a difficult subject for me in childhood, it has been interesting and easy subject in these adulthood. The way to solve the problems in different forms and alternatives has made me somehow difficult to understand. But it have been always favorite subject.

It was difficult for me to solve the arithmetic part relating to Unitary Method. Arithmetic favorite part for me is Set. Solving problems with diagrams makes its very easy and realistic. My favorite part of Math’s is relating to Algebra. It was simple and can be solved easily. There is no need of huge formulas. Some of formula are enough to solve algebraic expression. Geometry has been another interesting part of Math’s with diagrams. Once a diagram of a particular topic is understood we can easily solve the problems. Theorems and derivatives are principle based.

Math’s are particularly known as increasing creativity subject. Solving question with correct answer encourages to solve furthermore questions. It helps to recognize the problems relating to particular questions. Theorems are somehow similar to each other, understanding and practicing it more has made it easier. As there is a saying 'Practice makes a man perfect'. Math is an integral part of life.

Friday, June 30, 2017


Warm water is considered as beneficial and good for health. It helps in body metabolism in various ways. Water warm has high density as compared to the cold water. Drinking warm water in morning has a power to heal our body.

Some of the benefits as followings;

1)    Digestion
Warm water nourishes digestion. It help in ingestion of fat deposit on inner wall of intestine. It cures pain of stomach. We can avoid pain and get relief through warm water. It prevents acidity, heart burning.

2)    Blood circulation
Warm water is particularly beneficial for blood circulation in the body. It enhances the blood in the necessary area of body such as nerves, muscles. It promote in maintenance and flush out the toxin present in body.

3)    Weight loss
Warm water in early morning is beneficial to lose a weight. Warm water helps to increase the metabolism rate in body. Warm water with lemon and honey is considered as best formula to lose weight.

4)    Healthy skin
The more you consumed water, more you get healthier skin. Warm water has proven scientifically and clinically beneficial for healthy skin. It prevents skin from getting dry and rough. Warm water moisturizes skin.

5)    Cough and pain relief
Drinking warm is a natural remedy for cold, cough, pain and sore throat. It helps to fight with cold and clear the nasal congestion.

6)    Menstrual  cramps
Warm water is best aid for menstrual cramps. It helps in regular flow of blood and reduces the pain.

Monday, June 26, 2017


Monsoon season (ASHADH-SHRAWAN) is famous for planting paddy in Nepal. The season is humid and slippery, despite of it people enjoy this season by celebrating paddy planting festive as ROPAI in Nepali language. Well this season is an awaited season for farmers for planting paddy in their field. The rice is the main source course food of Nepali people. Paddy farming is also a source of income of the Nepalese lifestyle.

Paddy cultivation has been celebrated by mutual coordination, affection, care, and helping each other. Farmers enjoys their work by creating a fair environment like singing a song (ASARE song), sharing their joys and sorrows among them. Farmers cultivate paddy with enthusiasm. It has been believed that the cultivation have to be finished within 15th Ashadh. 15 Ashadh has been celebrated as DAHI CHURIA DAY. Late Queen used to plant the paddy on the gamala (vase) and celebrate the day.
In case of the late rainfall then planting of paddy may go to the month of Shrawan, makes the farmer upset for planting. They wait for the time as well as rainfall and plant with their hardship. As their lacks technology, people enjoys their planting with hands and some of the field works are made by machines. Today also many villagers use their animals as Ox to plough their field instead of machines as its technology and development in our country.

Greenery environment and scenario which makes the nation most beautiful and elegant.